Our story

Our story began one day in 2017 when my wife decided she wanted to use an older handbag going out. However, the few months during which  was hidden in a closet, were enough to  permanently

It struck us as odd that while clothes are routinely stored on hangers – although they can be easily ironed back to shape –, no such storage device existed for bags, which can never be brought back to their original shape once they’ve been crushed.

So, I set to work and soon had two hangers for my wife to keep her bags in perfect condition. She was so happy with the result that we thought it would be a great product for other women who care about their bags. After a year of innovation and continuous improvement, from both aesthetic and ergonomic points of view, we reached our destination.

The end result is a product so elegant and useful that you’ll become hooked! From now on, you can forget the hassle of trying to find a bag from among the shapeless pile on the bottom of your closet. Instead, all your bags, along with your matching scarves, can be stored neatly on hangers in the same place, so that you can instantly grab whichever one you want, and away you go.